Deeply woven into the cuisines of many cultures, dates have been used to add a touch of sweetness for centuries. The simplicity of dates is in-sync with the world’s evolving wellness movements where the focus is on wholesome, better-for-you ingredients that add new dimensions and pleasure to our diets in place of highly processed additives and preservatives. Reducing sugars in the foods you love to cook is easier than ever. The secret…Dateables®—Dates Reimagined®.

How are Dateables Spreads made?

They are made the same way that great chefs have been cooking for years. They are crafted in our spotless kitchens under carefully controlled and inspected conditions by caring people who take a lot of pride in their work.

What is a Date and why should I want to eat one?

Because they are delicious and good for you! Dates are loaded with all kinds of good things. Dates contain powerful antioxidants, including a variety of flavonoids, carotenoids and phenolic acid. Additionally, dates have anti-inflammatory properties, and contain fiber, protein, potassium, magnesium, copper, manganese, iron and vitamin B6.

Where do Dates come from?

There are over 1,500 different date varieties grown in the world—they grow in warm climates, such as North America’s Southwest, Northern Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Are there any preservatives or artificial things in Dateables Spreads?

Our spreads do not contain any preservatives or artificial anything (color, flavors, etc.). There isn’t any bad stuff in Dateables Spreads. You can tell because you can actually pronounce the names of all the ingredients we use. You can find all of them in your own pantry at home.

What’s the best way to enjoy Dateables spreads?

By the spoonful right out of the jar! Of course, you can spread them on bread, crackers, fruit and vegetables, but you can also cook some amazing recipes using Dateables spreads. We bake and cook with them to make a variety of amazing recipes. Check out our videos and recipe pages.

Sometimes I see some fiber in my Dateables Spread… what is that?

Dates are naturally fibrous. Fiber aids in digestion and can put you on the path to a healthy gut. After cooking and milling our spreads, sometimes there is a bit of residual fiber. It is natural and it won’t hurt you.

Are Dateables Spreads organic?

Our spreads are all-natural, but not organic.

Are Dateables Spreads certified Kosher?

Yes, our spreads are Kosher certified.

Are Dateables Spreads certified Halal?

Yes, our spreads are Halal certified.

Are Dateables Spreads dairy free and vegan?

Yes, our spreads are 100% Plant-Based, Vegan and, of course, Dairy-Free.

Are Dateables Spreads Gluten-Free?

Yes, our spreads are Gluten-Free.

Are Dateables Spreads Non-GMO?

Yes, our spreads are Non-GMO.

Do all Dateables Spreads contain nuts?

Not all of our spreads contain nuts, but many do. We use premium peanuts, walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts in some of our spreads. If you have a tree nut or peanut allergy always check the ingredient declaration.

Are Dateables Spreads Keto Friendly?

No, dates are not Keto compliant.

Do Dateables Spreads contain more or fewer calories than nut-based spreads?

In most cases, Dateables spreads contain about half the calories of ordinary nut spreads and jams and jellies.

Should Dateables Spreads be stored in the refrigerator?

Once the jar is opened we recommend storing in the refrigerator.

How long can I keep Dateables Spreads?

You can find the recommended “Best By” date printed on the side of the label. Our spreads have a 12-month shelf life from the time they are made.

Can I microwave Dateables Spreads?

It’s not necessary, but you can lightly microwave Dateables spreads to make a looser consistency for baking and cooking. Be careful not to over cook the spreads in the microwave as they will separate and possibly burn. Don’t forget to take the metal lid off before microwaving!

Can I freeze Dateables Spreads?

You can freeze them, but we don’t know why you would want to.

Do you ship Dateables internationally?

No, not at this time.

Where can I buy Dateables Spreads?

You can purchase Dateable spreads on Amazon.com, Dateables.com and at better stores near you. If you can’t find them, ask your grocery store manager to stock them.

Are Dateables Spreads available wholesale?

They sure are. Click here to inquire. Someone will call you directly.

Oops, I made a mistake, can I return or exchange my order?

Sadly no. Because this is a food product, once it leaves our store, we cannot accept returns or exchanges after your order has been shipped.

Still have a question?

Please email your question to info@dateables.com

Have you “invented” a new way to use Dateables spreads or do you have an exceptional recipe to share with us? If so, and if we use it, we’ll send you a special Dateables gift box. All recipes submitted are tested in the Dateables’ Kitchen for accuracy. #HowDoYouDateables?